Burger Lovers Rejoice

Burger Lovers Rejoice

Burger Lovers Rejoice

The Burg is coming to the historic Metals Building on 4th Street this June and there are three things they want you to know. One: their burgers are big, tall, juicy and all certified Angus beef. Two: they love to cook as much as you love to eat. And three: they are sharing the love in a beautiful, casual and social setting.


Chef Jonathan creates these masterworks out of the best quality certified Angus Beef – all fresh never frozen custom-ground beef, such quality meat that they won’t put in any fillers or additives into their patties.


The same goes for all of his patty-shaped masterpieces – it’s only the best and freshest bison, turkey, chicken breast, halibut steaks and vegan delights. He also stuffs a mean burger with in-house cured and smoked bacon, creamy melty cheese and mysteriously not-hot jalapenos. (Really, it’s all flavour, no heat. Magic.)

They love what they do.

Of course The Burg puts a lot of work into making perfect burgers – it’s their name. What you will also find out is that they put as much time, thought and creativity into everything they do.

From the freshly punched fries and the gravy made from scratch (starting with veal bones that are roasted for one whole day, then boiled all the next, and that’s just to make the base!) to the dilly pickles and roasted corn relish – it’s all made in-house with fresh, local ingredients and a lot of feeling.

And it’s called a Burger and Bar for a reason. They also put forward a whole menu of signature cocktails – each with its own story and mixed up from house-made elements, like their special jalapeno and mint-infused syrup.

Feel the love

The final thing The Burg wants you to know is that everybody is welcome here. This is a relaxed gathering place. A place where Chef and his people can share what they love to do. A place to be social over colossal burgers and yummy cocktails.

Bring your boss for a lunch meeting, you in your shiny loafers and suits. Bring a date for a nice dinner. And come with your mom or your buddies, in your jeans and ten-year-old Folk Fest tee. You can even wear a beret if that’s your thing – they can dig it.

The restaurant itself is open and bright with big windows, brick and giant exposed beams. Extroverts (and Maritimers) will probably choose to sit at one of three enormous communal tables, when quiet types might prefer one of the more private booths. See? Everybody’s happy here.

Meet your new neighbour this June.

The Burg fits right in on 4th – sharing a hip, warm authenticity with its neighbours, the city market and a whole community of independent artists, shops and restaurants.

Watch theburg4st.ca and their Facebook and Twitter feeds for opening celebrations in June. And really, bring your mom – it would make her so happy.