Night Market Edmonton

Night Market Edmonton

Night Market Edmonton

Being downtown is exciting!

Being the first true night market in Edmonton is even more exciting! We are making creative use of space in the downtown core during the evening, which was not previously found in Edmonton.  Come for the entertainment, stay for the friends.

We have the privilege of being considered on of the top 5 Ideas for Edmonton!  It is one of the few places where anyone is welcome…. young and old. It’s a great place to go relax, listen to music, eat great food and be part of the community.

Night Market Edmonton is a public market open to every type of vendor including goods that are not exclusively home made or home grown.

Night Market Edmonton will be located in the downtown core on the corner of 105th Street and Jasper Ave. Opening is scheduled for May 22, 2015 and will run every Friday from 7:00 PM-11:00 PM until the end of August 2015.

Best part? It’s free!

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Contact: Trina Shipanoff, General Manager

Email: nightmarketedmonton@

Phone: (780) 934-1568

For more information please visit Night Market Edmonton and we’ll see you there!