Making It Happen

Steering Committee

Greetings fellow neighbours & residents!

“Since the formation of the 104th Street Action Committee a little over a year ago, we have taken many steps in acting on your concerns to improve our community. The committee members who have gathered together to advocate issues on your behalf have begun to tackle the issues which concern you the most. We have formed close working relationships with Edmonton Police Services to keep your street safe and with Capital City Cleanup to keep your street clean.

Our sense of community has been fostered and strengthened through the development of closer ties with the Downtown Business Association, the Farmers’ Market, the Downtown Edmonton Community League and our City Council. We celebrated downtown living by coming together as a community to make Al Fresco another huge success for the benefit of children less fortunate than ourselves. All of this was accomplished in one short year. We look forward to seeing what we can achieve on your behalf to make our street and even better place to live, work, play, shop and learn.”

– Ed Fong , Committee Chair