Innovative Purple Flag Program

Innovative Purple Flag Program

[sws_pullquote_left] In London England, the Purple Flag is the “gold standard” for town centers at night. It is an accreditation scheme based on a unique set of standards: the Purple Flag Core Agenda. Town centers that meet the standards can fly the flag – to the benefit of businesses, consumers and the wider economy. Purple Flag holders say Purple Flag has galvanized the night time economy in their areas, increased partnership, and improved performance on safety, crime reduction and cleanliness. [/sws_pullquote_left]

Taken from Purple Flag template on Kickstart workshop.

The UK’s Purple Flag program grabbed the interest of the City of Edmonton during a Responsible Hospitality Institute webinar. The program aims for town centers to raise the standard and broaden their appeal.

Purple Flag organizers provide templates, evaluation tools, and an accreditation process for other cities to use and duplicate.

Similar to work championed by the 104th Street Steering Committee the Purple Flag Key Performance Indicators are:

  • Crime & Anti Social Behaviours,
  • Alcohol & Health (reducing levels of alcohol abuse) – composition of choice for consumers,
  •  Footfall (which is increasing the use of town centers between 5pm and 11pm),
  • Perception- more positive perception,
  • Volume &Value (increase in business prosperity and local benefit), and
  • Patronage (widening consumer representation)

Could 104th Street be the first Purple Flag Street and set the standard of where to go for a good night out, increasing positive publicity? Over the next few months Responsible Hospitality Edmonton will be sharing the framework of the Purple Flag Program and evaluating if it’s a good fit for the City of Edmonton. Please visit the website to learn more about the program