Local Artists

The works on & around 4th Street

Jens Gerbit

Jens Gerbit is a native Edmontonian. He got his start in photography about eight years ago while living in Spain, picking up a used Canon T70 kit and never looking back. When asked what inspires a particular shot, Jens says, “usually, it’s a confluence of things  — light, shadow, a shape that draws you to look at a scene or object more closely. Arguably, though, the most important element of inspiration is the fleeting feeling the scene evokes before a shot is even framed. The occasional success of capturing this phantom together with the more concrete elements is what inspires me.”

To see examples of Jens’ work, visit his website: seeing256.com

Willie Wong

Growing up in Malaysian Borneo, the vanishing tropical island of exotic flowers and birds, influenced Willie Wong to study art in various parts of southeast Asia under a plethora of renowned Chinese artists. He settled in Edmonton in 1979, where he studied at both Alberta College and the University of Alberta. Embracing the city’s vast cultural scene, Willie has participated at The Works and the Edmonton Fringe Festival, as well as serving on the Board of Directors for The Art Park.

Visit Willie’s website here: kamenagallery.net

Adrian Louden

Adrian Louden is an Alberta graffiti artist who draws inspiration from jerk chicken and red wine; German aerosol paint; dry snares and deep bass; and the first stroke of a fresh No. 2 round brush on new canvas.

Erin Elizabeth Ross


Roy Leadbeater

Aurora’s Dance, 2000
Location: 104th St., North of Jasper Ave. and 102 St., South of Jasper Ave.

Roy Leadbeater was born in Ashbourne, Derbyshire, England in 1928. He emigrated to Canada in 1953, where he carries on in the tradition of his ancestors: he is a descendent of famous potter Josiah Wedgwood. Roy has studied drawing at both the Birmingham School or Art and the University of Alberta (under H.G. Glyde). After 38 years as a practicing artist, Roy is now happiest to paint and sculpt for himself: “I’ve always believed that some artists are like physicists: they want to know the answers behind life and are fascinated with the unknown,” he explains, “I’m interested in asking what life and living is all about — asking questions of the invisible world and making that invisible world visible. I’ll never quit. One of the great advantages of being in the arts, or anything creative, is that you never run out of ideas. What you run out of is time.”

For more information, visit Roy’s website: royleadbeatersculptures.com

Street Art by Danskee

Daniel Chmielewski (a.k.a ‘Danskee’) is a self-taught, Edmonton-based street artist. With a comprehensive background in fashion, hip hop culture, and graffiti art, Daniel has recently moved his art from the streets to public, gallery showings. Daniel always incorporates urban landscape elements into his paintings and is best known for his impressive large-scale black and white stencils.

Visit Danskee’s website here: danskee.com