Chasing the Purple Flag

Safe, thriving, late-night environments in Edmonton

Chasing the Purple Flag

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“Our organization, Responsible Hospitality Edmonton (RHE), aims to promote safe, thriving, late-night environments in Edmonton by planning, managing and policing the many aspects of hospitality zones throughout the city.

With this goal in mind, RHE recently engaged the Association of Town Center Management (ATCM) group in the United Kingdom (UK) to bring the accreditation program, Purple Flag to Edmonton. ATCM has accredited over 60 town centres in the UK and Europe. If accredited, Edmonton’s 104 Street District will be the first Purple Flag accredited community in North America.

Edmonton’s pursuit of Purple Flag accreditation has allowed for the RHE team to work with an established committee to understand the intimate aspects of the program and determine value for all Edmontonians. RHE is appreciative of the 104 Street Action Committee and it’s volunteers for exploring the framework under the banner ‘Chasing the Purple Flag’.  Currently, volunteer teams in the 104 Street District are evaluating the areas safety, discussing initiative outcomes and bringing attention to community work. RHE would not be able to undertake the evaluation of the program without the time and support of the stakeholders in and around 104 Street.” 

– Barb Ursuliak,
Street as a Venue Coordinator for Jasper Avenue


About Purple Flag 

  • Purple Flag is an accreditation program for specifically defined nightlife/hospitality zones.
  • Developed in the UK, Purple Flag is a set of standards and best practices for nightlife areas – the Purple Flag Core Agenda.
  • Because the program is rigorous and credible, gaining a Purple Flag is a unique opportunity to raise the district’s profile and attract more people to the area.
  • The campaign will increase awareness of good practices, inspire higher standards and help to create a more diverse downtown nightlife.
  • Purple Flag recognizes and adds value to the work of others. Partnership is key. Practitioners, partnerships, downtown areas and consumers all stand to benefit from Purple Flag.
  • Because Purple Flag has gone through 10 years of research, pilot projects and further development, it is now a mature, fully-developed methodology.
  • Purple Flag standards bring world class nightlife management. The same principles used by; Nightsafe, Best Bar None, Open Sydney, Responsible Hospitality Institute and Sociable City USA.

Why be the first?

Responsible Hospitality Edmonton reached out to ATCM to explore the possibilities of bringing the program to North America. Both parties recognized the potential mutual benefit to being the first North American district to employ the program. RHE would gain tangible tools and guidelines to help manage nightlife in Edmonton and ATCM would receive insight into North American legislation and culture. Though this pilot project, Purple Flag would be developed to help better other North American cities.

Why 104th Street District?

104 Street District is an identifiable area, with existing resident and business groups, a vibrant night life and is a major destination area.

Purple Flag accreditation will help to promote the market and advertise and brand the 104 Street District. This process will benefit business owners and residents alike.

What is the deadline?

October 2015 

We need your help.

Our submission needs stories, pictures and ideas to show the uniqueness of our street. Please send via email to: [icon name=”envelope-o” class=”” unprefixed_class=””]