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Art Banner Project

Project Title: Downtown Art Banner Project
Poetry, Jasper Ave. Banners: Roland Pemberton
Artists, Jasper Ave. Banners: Tim Rechner, Anya Tonkonogy, Nickelas (Smokey) Johnson, Pearl Rachinsky
Artists, 104th Street and Rice Howard Way Banners: 19+ Edmonton visual artists
Location: Jasper Avenue (from 97 Street to 109 Street), 104th Street (from 100 Avenue to 104 Avenue), and Rice Howard Way (from 100A Street to 101A Avenue)
Commissioned by: The City of Edmonton
Supporting Partner: Arttec Advertising

Seven Northern Beavers

Artwork Title: Seven Northern Beavers
Project Title: Beaver Hills House Park Sculptural Banners Project
Artist: Jason Carter
Artist Team: Select students from St. Alphonsus School, Select artists from the i human 2000 Society
Location: Beaver Hills House Park, Jasper Ave. and 105 St.
Supporting Partners: City of Edmonton, Downtown Business Association, The Places

Vally Wall

Artwork Title: Vally Wall
Project Title: ICON Mural Project
Artist: Will Truchon
Location: ICON Tower, 104th St. North of Jasper Ave.
Sponsors: Langham Properties, The Places

Aurora’s Dance

Artwork Title: Aurora’s Dance, 2001
Project Title: 104 Street Project
Artist: Roy Leadbeater, Edmonton, Announced May 18, 2000
Location: 104 St. Promenade and 102 St., South of Jasper Ave.
Scope of Competition Call: Alberta Artists & Designers Announced Feb 14, 2000
Artist and Designer Submissions Received: 33
Commission Awarded: $85,000.00
Materials: Painted Sheet Metal, Laser Cut
Artwork Description: Drawing on the awesome inspiration of the Northern Lights, this sculpture represents the endless human capacity to innovate. It is a quality embodied in Syncrude’s Aurora Mine, the catalyst for “Aurora’s Dance”. As well, it depicts our potential to conceive, design and apply advanced technologies in many fields of human endeavor.
Sponsoring Partner: Syncrude Canada Ltd.
Associate Partners: Finning (Canada), West Fraser Mills Ltd., The Alberta Foundation for the Arts
Community Partner: Endura Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
The Places Founding and Ongoing Partners: Edmonton Journal, The City of Edmonton, Downtown Business Association, The Edmonton Business Council for Visual Arts

Vally Wall

Artwork Title: Recycles, 2001
Project Title: Beaver Hills House Park Millennium Playful Art Project
Artists: Lynn Malin & Elizabeth Bowering Beauchamp
Location: Beaver Hills House Park (Jasper Avenue & 105 Street)
Scope of Competition Call: Capital Region Artists & Designers Announced Dec. 19, 00
Artist and Designer Submissions Received: 14
Commission Awarded: $45,000.00
Materials Used: Found Objects, Welded and Powder Coated
Contributing Partner: North American Construction Group

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