#Megabar Appeal Hearing – CANCELLED

#Megabar Appeal Hearing – CANCELLED

Megabar Withdraws Appeal

We have received the attached letter from the SDAB indicating that the Appeal to the megabar development on 104 Street at 102 Avenue has been withdrawn. This is in keeping with the wishes of the community that sent 400 letters, e-mails, phone calls and other messages in response to the original application. The Sustainable Development officer reports that only 2 responses were in favour of the application with 398 opposed. The City and other significant players such as EPSB, DECL and the 104 Street Committee also openly opposed the development which was deemed inappropriate in scale and purpose for the Urban Village which is 104th Street.

The Appeal hearing set for Wednesday, November 2nd at 10:30 am is cancelled and there is no need for anyone to attend.

Thank you for all of your action and letter writing. This demonstrates that there is a vision and cohesion for 104th Street that will help the Urban Village grow in appropriate ways to increase the vibrancy and liveability of downtown Edmonton.
View appeal: megabar-appeal-withdrawn