#Megabar Appeal Hearing Scheduled for November 2nd

#Megabar Appeal Hearing Scheduled for November 2nd

#Megabar Appeal Hearing Scheduled for November 2nd

Friends of 104th….

As you all know, Urban Sparq has decided to appeal the Development Officer’s decision to reject the application for the #megabar proposal in the Fox II towers.

Proposed downtown mega-bars to appeal city rejection

The date for the appeal hearing for the #megabar  is scheduled for November 2nd at 10:30 am, 3rd floor of the Churchill Building.  A few community members met Saturday and we will be lining up 5-6 speakers that can speak to different perspectives within our community at the hearing.

So here’s what you can do to help…

1. We need as many people to come out as possible. You do not need to speak, but numbers at the hearing send a strong message. If you can make it, please attend the hearing.

2. Please write a letter (response) with your thoughts:

a) If you received a letter from the city advising of the appeal, submit your response through the website provided on your letter (https://sdab.edmonton.ca/StartPage.aspx)

b) If you did not receive a letter, or if you would rather not go through their website, you can email it to sdab@edmonton.ca.

c) You can also provide a response in person at the SDAB office at Churchill Square.

Just to give you some perspective as to how important your letter is, the Development Officer indicated that there were 795 letters sent out in July within 120 m of the proposed development. There were an unprecedented number of responses received, 398 opposed to the development and 2 in favor… We need to do the same thing again!!!

Please let us know if you have any questions in the meantime and hope to see you out at the hearing!