Tunnel Shaft on 105 Street & Jasper Avenue

Tunnel Shaft on 105 Street & Jasper Avenue

Tunnel Shaft on 105 Street & Jasper Avenue

City of Edmonton Utilities Infrastructure


Tunnel shaft on 105 Street & Jasper Avenue

Beginning in July 2016, City of Edmonton Utilities Infrastructure, formerly Drainage Services, will set up a construction shaft and drill site on 105 Street, just north of Jasper Avenue to prepare for underground tunnelling on July 18, 2016. This site will cause disruptions to traffic and parking in the area, and will create some daytime noise.

For approximately 16 months, starting in the middle of July until the end of November 2017, both of the middle two lanes on 105 Street north of Jasper Avenue will be closed, from Jasper Avenue, north to 102 Avenue.

This closure will reduce traffic flow to one lane in each direction, north and southbound. There will be no parking on the west side of 105 St. near the work site. All traffic movements at the intersection of 105 Street and Jasper Avenue will be retained. The northbound direction will be reduced from two through lanes to a single through lane and retain dedicated left-turn and right turn lanes at Jasper Ave.

Additionally, the bus stop on the east side of 105 Street north of Jasper Avenue will be moved a further 120 meters to the north to keep the one lane northbound on 105 Street completely open. 

Work will normally occur during regular working hours, beginning at 7 a.m. until 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. However, some overtime hours may be required.

The City realizes that businesses, commuters and residents in the area have been inconvenienced by traffic disruptions for some time due to various construction projects. We ask for your continued patience. We will do whatever we can to address individual concerns as the work progresses. Please contact the project manager listed below if you have any questions or concerns.


Project Background

The City of Edmonton’s Utilities Infrastructure started upgrading and rehabilitating the stormwater and sanitary sewer system in your neighbourhood in 2015 and will continue until 2018. This project is part of the Downtown Revitalization Initiative funded by a Community Revitalization Levy (CRL) passed by City Council in 2014.

The work being undertaken by Utilities Infrastructure is necessary to meet the stormwater and wastewater needs of the new businesses and residents that are expected to move downtown because of this revitalization work. The upgraded system will also help reduce combined sewer overflow and basement flooding for existing businesses and residents in your neighbourhood.

For more information, please call John Cairns, 780-496-5566 or email john.cairns@edmonton.ca

The work is part of the revitalization of downtown and Edmonton’s core.