Opposition to “Mega-Bar” Development Proposal in Fox Towers

Opposition to “Mega-Bar” Development Proposal in Fox Towers

Opposition to “Mega-Bar” Development Proposal in Fox Towers

It has come to our attention a request has been submitted to the City of Edmonton for a variance in zoning on 104th Street to support a mega-bar on 102 Avenue & 104th Street. deVine Wines , many residents and other business are strongly opposed to a 600 seat bar on 104th Street. Current zoning allows for a “bar or neighbourhood pub” for up to 100 persons.  The applicants are asking for a variance 6 times what is currently allowed. Do we want to end up being another bar street like Whyte Ave?

Let’s be clear… We are not opposed to vibrancy and licensed venues.  This proposal would be a perfect fit within ICE District, where zoning allows for this use/capacity, and the planning has already taken into account logistical issues.  We are opposed however, to something so large in scale that it could drastically change the character and fabric of our neighbourhood. Our Heritage Area (HA) zoned street has a special “feel” and atmosphere to it, and a large venue of this size could destroy what we have worked so hard to create over the past 15-20 years. It is a matter of compatibility with what is already in place on our street.  The Capital City Downtown Plan (CCDP) passed by council in 2010 also speaks to preserving the “urban village” vision for 104th Street.  This proposal conflicts with both the zoning and the CCDP.

We ask all residents, businesses, or anyone who cares about our street to voice their opposition to the city planner in writing. Please send to Carla Semeniuk, her email address is carla.semeniuk@edmonton.ca. Time is of the essence here everybody. Please act quickly to voice your opinions about the proposed projects before July 19th.

More detailed information in Ed’s official email letter to Carla here.

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Author: Ed Fong for deVine’s Wines