The News We Have Been Waiting For

The News We Have Been Waiting For

The News We Have Been Waiting For

The ATCM is delighted that Warehouse District, Edmonton has succeeded in their application to become to the first location in North America to fly the Purple Flag. Their commitment and partnership across a range of sectors is encouraging and will support their work going forward and will stand them in good stead to maintain the Flag. 

Shanaaz Carroll, ATCM CEO, said “Warehouse District, Edmonton have worked hard with their partnership to secure the Purple Flag for their city. Their hard work and dedication shone through during their meetings with assessors as well as during their overnight assessment. We are excited to be working with them and to spreading the word about well managed and diverse town centres after dark.”

With ATCM news, means we meet International Standards!


What’s Next?!

Now the hard work now begins!

Top on the Action List;

  1. Now- Name Change! We are now. Purple Flag WAREHOUSE District, Canada.
  2. Now- Continue to support “Parking Lot Accreditation Program” with Edmonton Police Service.
  3. July- Promote 211!
    1. REACH Edmonton supports 24-7 support to the vulnerable population. By “Calling 211” a team provides a“comprehensive, coordinated response to at-risk populations who need access to services 24 hours a day” as stated on:
    2. Purple Flag Committee acknowledges this message needs to capture residents and businesses interest in order to support vulnerable population.
  4. Summer 2016 -Examine “What Women Want?”
    1. Premise: “More women in Sociable Areas mean safer area”.
      1. How will the Warehouse District attract more women? Strategy- conduct a survey! Look for survey strategy to be posted on our site by August.
  5. September 2016– “Welcome to the Warehouse event”.
    1. How will the Warehouse District “Welcome Rogers Arena Patrons?” Work is beginning, and ideas are encouraged! Email ideas and suggestions to: Barbara Ursuliak
  6. September 2016 – Measuring change
    1. With our accreditation areas for measurements been approved. We will examine; How many people walk through the Warehouse District before and after Rogers Event? How many people take in services provided? When do people arrive and leave? Results will used to evaluate our ever changing neighborhood.