illumiNITE 2013

illumiNITE 2013

illumiNITE 2013

Looking for a way to warm up a winter weekend?  Join us for our second round of illumiNITE:



illumiNITE 2013

Edmonton on the Edge is excited to host illumiNITE for second year running! Even more exciting is that illlumiNITE will be up for the entire long weekend in February (February 16-18,2013). As part of the event, we are inviting artists, designers and the creatively inspired to join in the design competition that will create the outdoor gallery in the Alley of Light.

More specifically, the competition encourages the creation of innovative and edgy installations that incorporate the element of light. These creations will bring warmth, sprirt and life to an otherwise dark and empty pocket park north of the Sobeys on 104th Street, also known as the Alley of Light. Prizes will be offered for top installations! We can’t wait to see what your ingenuity will bring!

A submission to the competition is required and must include: (1) Brief description of the light sculpture/installation; (2) Sketch of the design with approximate dimensions; and (3) Identification of a display site within the Alley of Light. Submissions are due January 18, 2013, so BE INSPIRED! We look forward to reviewing the submissions and will notify those successful in entering the competition.

Take a look at our call for submission poster if you would like to participate in the contest, or click on any of the names in the list below it to see some of the contributions from last year.



Last years illumiNITE submissions:

– Dylan Toymaker
– wr-7 productions
– Ryan Spotowski
– DECL – Laurissa Kalinowsky
– Justin Keats
– Alexander Stewart
     – DECL – Thomas Rose 
– Stefanie Torres
– Chelsea Boos + Teng Chong
– Maria Landry + Eugene Dening + Chris Va


About the Alley of Light

The Alley of Light project is a grassroots initiative that aims to revitalize an underused park and alley that runs from Enterprise Square on 103 Street west to Beaver Hills Park on 105 Street, half a block north of Jasper Avenue. The alley was identified by local residents, businesses and volunteers as a ‘lost space’ – that is an under-utilized, non-vital city-space marked by garbage and graffiti.  Inspired by similar alley interventions from other cities around the world, we hope to revitalize the space by making it more engaging, accessible, safe and sustainable. With input from many local residents and businesses, volunteer designers and architects have met with a number of city departments coordinated by the city’s Sustainable Development Department (formerly the Planning Department) to develop plans and designs for the alley. The Alley of Light hopes to build on the recent success of the 104 Street Area which has become one of the most vibrant areas within the downtown core. It will also harness the momentum of future initiatives nearby such as a new surface LRT line and the redesign of Jasper Avenue.

The Alley of Light working group is spearheaded by Edmonton on the Edge and supported by the University of Alberta’s City-Region Studies Centre. We are a grassroots group consisting of over 100 volunteers representing diverse communities and interests. To date we have engaged a diverse range of groups, some of the key participant include:

104 Street Business Association
City of Edmonton
Downtown Edmonton Community League
Downtown Farmers Market
Edmonton Arts Council
Media, Art and Design Exposed (M.A.D.E.) In Edmonton
Responsible Hospitality Edmonton
University of Alberta

Full list available here

Everyone is welcome to join by emailing crsc(at)  We usually hold one meeting a month.


Alley of Light timeline:

August 28, 2011 – Colouring the Alley
August 13, 2011 – Arts for the Alley
Summer 2011 – Downtown Farmers Market Display
June 18, 2011 – Park(ed) Day
June 17, 2011 – Presentation at Next Gen’s Pecha Kucha 10
June 11, 2011 – Al Fresco Block Party
April 10, 2011 – Open House #2

Dec. 5, 2010  – Open House #1
April 24, 2010 – Design Charette
April 23, 2010 – Lost Spaces Lecture with Greg Smallenberg
March 2010 – Identifying Lost Spaces downtown

Nov 2008 – Festival of Ideas (where the ideas first started!)

See the Alley of Light section for information and pictures of these events.


Location and Design Concepts

The Alley of Light is located 1/2 a block north of Jasper Avenue, between Beaver Hills House Park (105 Street) and Enterprise Square (103 Street)


(compliments of Ian Grant Photography)





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