Alley of Light: Past, Present & Future

Alley of Light: Past, Present & Future

Alley of Light: Past, Present & Future

Summer Fun In The Alley

2012 has been hot times for the Alley of Light project! Many committed Alley of Light volunteers and partnering organizations have worked together to bring ‘life’ to the alley. Our kickoff event was a chalk and games day for children on the opening day of the 104th Street Market. A ring toss on bottles (wine bottles-empty), pitching pennies into a dish floating in a pool of water and chalking/drawing on the sidewalk and alley were enjoyed by over a hundred children on a cool Saturday morning in May. The Alley of Light repeated the chalk and games event on a hot July Saturday that attracted an even larger group of eager youngsters!

Other summer events included a ‘pedal power’ Saturday sponsored by Next Gen where many visitors ‘pedaled’ their fruit flavoured slurries! In early July, people were invited to spray paint a large mural set up in the alley, make ties and hats out of recycled materials and join an informal parade. Finally ‘Summer Fun in the Alley’ concluded with an August Art Attack in the Alley for a day of drawing/painting by participants followed by displaying the completed works of art in the alley. In the evening M.A.D.E in Edmonton Society sponsored a showing of a film on a wall in the alley.

[sws_pullquote_right] It has been a HOT and FUN summer in the Alley! [/sws_pullquote_right]

Alley Light Show

The Alley of Light project joins in the fun of the Alberta Culture Days kickoff on Friday, September 28th! GURU Digital Arts will be present with a light show in the alley starting at 9pm. Please join us Friday evening in the alley for a great GURU show welcoming autumn to Edmonton!

Alley of Light Development – What’s New

Over the past several months work has begun on two significant changes to the alley between 103rd Street and 105th Street (Beaver Hills Park). In April the chain link fence and gate separating Beaver Hills Park from the alley was permanently removed! Facilitated by the Edmonton Arts Council and funded by the City of Edmonton’s Sustainable Development Department a contract was recently signed with Destiny Swiderski to develop a design for a new entrance way between the alley and Beaver Hills Park! Destiny is a local artist who has designed projects in Toronto and Winnipeg. Most recently Destiny has been involved with the Dirt City: Dream City transitory art project in the east end of downtown (Boyle Street) Quarters District. In September/October Destiny will have a couple of proposed designs that Alley of Light will make available for viewing and comments. Watch for the date, time and location.

Additionally during the summer, a number of Alley of Light volunteers have been working with the City’s Sustainable Development Department on a proposed redesign of the strip park bordering the alley behind Sobeys. The design work has been based on a simple plan that offers opportunity for events to take place in the park/alley and the opportunity for additional park elements to be added over time. Next is the challenge for the Alley of Light to get the resources to make it happen. The first step, a design concept, is now in place to guide the reclaiming of the park and alley!