Local Artists

Local Artists

Name of Artist: Jens Gerbitz

Medium of Art: Photography

Where you can see it: Currently displaying work at Credo Coffee until June 30th

Why you choose this location: Fantastic central location on one of the most pedestrian-friendly streets in the downtown core.

Bio about yourself and the inspiration of your art work:
I am a native Edmontonian who has been lucky enough to have had a chance to live abroad here and there. I developed an interest in photography about 8 years ago while living in Spain and picked up a used Canon T70 kit with which I began to shoot b&w film like it was going out of style (which, in a mass consumer sense, it actually was). I still deeply appreciate b&w, but colour is playing a more central role in my (mainly digital) photography these days.

It’s hard to say exactly what inspires a particular shot. Usually, it is a confluence of things- light, shadow, shape that will arouse an interest to look at a scene or object more closely. Arguably though, the most important element of inspiration is the feeling that the scene evokes before a shot is even framed, and it is usually fleeting. The occasional success of capturing this phantom together with the other more concrete elements is what inspires me. The result, hopefully, is an interesting interpretation of a scene.

Where to go for more information: seeing256.com

Roy Leadbeater (the aurora artist)

Born in Ashbourne, Derbyshire, England, 1928.
He carries on the tradition of his ancestors. His grandmother was Maud Louisa Wedgwood of Northwood, Hanley, Stoke-On-Trent. Her father, Josiah Wedgwood gave her hand in marriage to George Leadbeater, July 2nd, 1891. Her father was a direct descendant of the famous potter, Josiah Wedgwood.
After serving in the British Merchant Navy studied drawing at Birmingham School of Art.

Emigrated to Canada 1953.
Studied drawing on a part time basis at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, under H.G. Glyde. After 38 years of artistic practice, Roy Leadbeater is just happy to paint and sculpt for himself. “I’ve always believed that some artists are like physicists – they want to know the answers behind life and are fascinated with the unknown” explains the 79-year-old artist and former power engineer. “I’m interested in asking what life and living is all about – asking questions of the invisible world and making that invisible world visible” says Leadbeater, who has long explored similar themes. “I’ll never quit. One of the great advantages of being in the arts, or anything creative, is that you never run out of ideas. What you run out of is time.”