The Burg

The Burg

The Burg is coming to the historic Metals Building on 4th Street this June and there are three things they want you to know. One: their burgers are big, tall, juicy and all certified Angus beef. Two: they love to cook as much as you love to eat. And three: they are sharing the love in a beautiful, casual and social setting.

Chef Jonathan creates these masterworks out of the best quality certified Angus Beef – all fresh never frozen custom-ground beef, such quality meat that they won’t put in any fillers or additives into their patties.

The same goes for all of his patty-shaped masterpieces – it’s only the best and freshest bison, turkey, chicken breast, halibut steaks and vegan delights. He also stuffs a mean burger with in-house cured and smoked bacon, creamy melty cheese and mysteriously not-hot jalapenos. (Really, it’s all flavour, no heat. Magic.)

They love what they do.

Of course The Burg puts a lot of work into making perfect burgers – it’s their name. W

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