MINBID In Stitches

MINBID In Stitches

MINBID In Stitches


MINBID is a collective of Canadian artists hosting electrifying silent and live art auctions in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The artists select a minimum bid price for all work submitted. Then the market decides the true value of the piece through incremental bidding. The event surrounds attendees with great music, drinks and food in the midst of an electric auction. The silent auction is peppered with live moments where work from each artist is auctioned off live to the highest bidder.

MINBID has something for every art enthusiast and aspiring artist. The auctions showcase abstract paintings, pen and ink drawings, Augmented reality art and advertising, print and sculpture work, multi-media art and installation, graffiti and street art, and so much more.


Benifits of the MINSTITUTE:

The MINSTITUTE actively promotes its artists and their work through partnerships with sponsors, galleries and businesses. MINSTITUTE artists have access to scholarships, wholesale printing/stretching/framing, public collaboration opportunities, and showing opportunities in galleries and businesses.


MINBID side effects:

-MINBID is a hype machine for aspiring artists.  If you are looking to get noticed or reach new audiences. Maybe you should apply to join the MINSTITUTE

-MINBID events give Canadians the chance to buy amazing art at a lower, auction price. This opens the door for younger art enthusiasts to become the new generation of art collectors.


Next Event:

Coup Garment Boutique & Workhall Presents:

MINBID In Stitches

Silent & Live Art Auction

Friday, April 4th, 2014




#101/102, 10137 104st, Edmonton, AB

Bar Service by Yellowhead Brewery
3 Yellowhead Premium Cocktails
Live Music


RSVP & REG @ http://www.minbidauctions.com

Augmented Reality Art
Abstract Paintings
Multi Media Art
Street Art
Wood Bowls
So much more!