Water Main Break

Water Main Break

Water Main Break

As many are well aware, the water main break on our street has left many buildings without water and heat.  Some heating systems rely on domestic water so if their building loses water/pressure, they also lose heat.  People in such buildings are asked to turn their toilets off and avoid opening taps (hot or cold)  for any reason.  They need to conserve water and pressure in those systems.

Epcor has advised that the break will not be fixed tonight.  They were able to turn the water back on for a short time, so some buildings may have a bit of heat on the lower floors for a while.  Please use a ceramic space heater to heat your suite overnight, especially those of you on the upper floors, to prevent any pipes from freezing.  But again, please DO NOT use any water or flush toilets…

Some buildings are heated with a gas powered-air forced system so they should not have any heating issues.

Unfortunately, at this point, there is very little we can do other than monitor things and make sure we are doing what we can to keep pipes from freezing.  The Epcor crew will be back at it first thing in the morning (8:00am) and hopefully they will have this resolved tomorrow.


As of right now, Epcor is expecting repairs to be complete by 2pm.  Until we confirm repairs are complete – it is imperative that there is no water used.  Do not open taps or flush toilets.  If our water pressure drops too low, there is a chance we can damage some of our mechanical equipment.