Phillips Lofts Celebrates 100 Years!

Phillips Lofts Celebrates 100 Years!

Phillips Lofts Celebrates 100 Years!

Residents and visitors took to 104th street Saturday, June 8th to celebrate the centennial of the Heritage buildings on the street, namely Phillips Lofts, who reached their important milestone this year.  See Global TV Edmonton’s coverage of the event by clicking here.

“The Phillips Building was built for owners N. W. Purcell and J. G. Kelly during the pre-First World War economic boom. The brick is sand lime brick made by the Alsip Brick and Supply Co. of Edmonton. This building originally had a 22 foot wide arcade running through the building, making it a “first of its kind in Edmonton”. The building was initially leased to the Western and Cartage Company to be used as a storage warehouse. This building was intended to be built as one of the first completely fire-proof buildings in Edmonton and used the latest 1912 technology of the time to this end, i.e. the latest fire-proof doors and windows.

The building was purchased in the early 1950′s by James Brody, owner of Brod-Ease Shoe Co. of Edmonton. A complete renovation of the building then took place with its purpose changing from a warehouse to a commercial building. The exterior facade was recladded in 1956 with modern materials. The newly renovated building was renamed the Phillips building in honour of Mr. Brody’s first grandson. In the late 1960′s, the Brody family sold the building to an overseas buyer.

Midco Equities Ltd., owned by Bill Comrie of the Brick Warehouse furniture and appliance change, purchased the the building and adjacent parking lot in 1981 for $6M, intending to erect a 25-storey office tower. The crash of the early 1980′s changed those plans.

In 2002, renovations were completed by Chandos Construction to bring the building back to its original character by converting the building to condos. Prior to the renovations, the Phillips Building had been saved from demolition by Worthington Properties.”

Canada’s Historic Places – Phillips Building →


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