Computers & the Workplace

Computers & the Workplace

Computers & the Workplace

The highly skilled staff at the EyeCare Group is keenly aware and specially trained to recognize eye health problems that can arise just from doing your day-to-day routine. Many people are unaware that computers are the cause of many workplace stresses such as headache, eye strain, blurred vision, and other visual symptoms. This type of stress on the visual system can also cause body fatigue and reduce work place efficiencies. In addition, those who regularly use computers for prolonged periods of time are increasingly at risk for a degenerative condition known as glaucoma.

The EyeCare Group can assist you in reducing many of these symptoms through recommending a combination of methods; including workstation corrections, posture adjustments, anti-glare screens, eye exercises, nutritional supplementation, and stress-relieving lenses prescribed specifically for computer operation.

EyeCare Group’s Computer Stress Checklist
Computer visual stress may be the underlying cause for the many direct and indirect symptoms experienced day-to-day in the office. The EyeCare Group has compiled the following two checklist to determine if stress is computer related.

Direct Computer Stress Symptoms

  • Headaches while during or following computer use
  • Irritated and/or dry eyes
  • Blurred Vision
  •  Slow refocusing when looking from the screen to distant objects
  • Frequently losing place when shifting eye focus from copy to screen
  • Occasional doubling of vision
  • Changes in colour perception
  • Changes in glasses prescription

Indirect Computer Stress Symptoms

  • Tension in head, neck, and shoulders
  • Back pain
  • Lowered visual efficiency and more frequent errors
  • Eye Strain
  • Blurry Vision
  • Fatigue
  • Dry Eye
  • Excessive Tearing
  • Sharp pain in eyes
  • Double vision
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea

If you are experience any of the above symptoms please contact the EyeCare Group to have one of our eye care professionals arrange an extensive 7-point eye health examination. This unique exam will help identify the source of your vision problems and recommend the appropriate treatment measures.
Fortunately, you no longer need to let computer eye strain prevent you from spending hours online, whether for work or play. There are simple adjustments the EyeCare Group can assist you with to make your day more pleasant and enjoyable.

EyeCare Group Suggestions for Reducing Eye Strain at Work and Play

Here are a few helpful tips to improve your visual comfort and eye health while using a computer.

  • Anti-glare screens that can reduce eye strain
  • Taking frequent breaks to help rest the eyes
  • Practicing eye exercises to help strengthen the eyes and reduce blurry vision
  • Taking a multi-vitamin and mineral supplement to ensure your eyes get the nutrients they need
  • Increase the font size of your computer screen
  • Use a larger monitor for better focus on font; this is also very helpful if you spend lengthy hours entering data, editing, and/or reading documents