Reporting Suspicious Activity & Crime

Reporting Suspicious Activity & Crime

Reporting Suspicious Activity & Crime

As a police officer it almost seems trivial to ask this question but in reality most citizens do not know the right time to call the police or what phone number to use.

Many times someone views a suspicious person or vehicle in the area but do not call the police. It is not until the next day when police are conducting door to door inquiries asking if anyone saw anything suspicious as a house was broken into. It is at this time the person who witnessed the suspicious activity realizes that they should have called when they first observed the activity.

The other type of conversation that takes place is that someone will eventually call into police to report that there is “always” drug deals going on their street and it is the same few vehicles or people every time. When asked have you called the police to report this?  The answer is usually “No”.  If there are no calls for service or complaint the police have no idea that your street may have a problem. It is always better to contact the complaint line at 780-423-4567 and report suspicious activity than letting it continue unreported.

Every call is prioritized before it is dispatched to members on the street which is something to keep in mind as a suspicious vehicle in the area will not hold the same weight as a robbery or a violent crime call. It may take longer to have police arrive at the suspicious vehicle complaint but it still needs to be reported every time.

Finally if there is an emergency then obviously 911 should be called.

Keep your neighborhood safe and report all suspicious activity!



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Source: Edmonton Police Services