Be aware of criminals on bicycles

Be aware of criminals on bicycles

Be aware of criminals on bicycles

“Criminals on bikes can get in and out of a community quickly, attracting less attention than if they were walking through the neighbourhood,” says Community Liaison Const. Christopher Lucas. “We have found they often wear backpacks or pull a child carriage behind a bike as an easy way to conceal and transport stolen merchandise.”

Given a recent spike of property theft across the city, the EPS is reminding citizens to notify police of any suspicious activity in their community.

“If you notice a stranger in your neighbourhood – on bike or on foot – who appears to be looking into vehicles, yards or back alleys, call the police,” says Lucas.

Police say citizens can dramatically reduce crime by becoming active in their community.

“The more invested residents are in their community, the more aware they become, and the more crime diminishes. It’s all about community policing, where the community and police work together to reduce crime and victimization.”

To report any suspicious persons or suspicious activity call the non-emergency complaint line, 780-423-4567. To report a crime in progress, dial 911.


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Source: City Market Downtown